Lead Digital Designer

At Unibet I lead a team in creating digital assets for marketing campaigns. These assets include banners, widgets and landing pages. The main focus of my role was to increase conversion so I was heavily involved in creating usability tests. We would use the data we gathered to improve on design layouts and content to improve conversion.

Unibet design by Quade Murrell

A/B testing

Here is an example of tests we had done with the Casino landing page. We wanted to keep the layout the same as we had found out in previous tests that this layout works. So we tested steps against products in the lower section of the page. Having more casino products (PAGE A) resulted in higher conversion.

AB test part 1

Next we tested 3 unique selling points against the quick registration form. The unique selling points seemed to be less of a distraction so PAGE B converted better.

AB test part 2

Further testing


The data we got from the A/B test, analysing tools and tracking told us that some users would go on to the from the product boxes and play for free before signing up. So I created a prototype to show what I would like to next test layout to look like. My aim is to keep the visitor on this page with less distraction hopefully leading to a higher conversion rate.

View Prototype


Static, Flash and HTML banners built in Bannerflow